Artist’s Statement

My sculptures in metal are all hand cut and crafted. I often start with a basic sketch but on many occasions they evolve into something very different from the original vision.

All of my sculptures begin their journey as a flat sheet of steel, from there they come to life through the use of various hand tools. Many hours are spent hammering and forming the steel using simple techniques. The forming is used to create texture however I also use welding to add another layer of dimension to the pieces.

I also incorporate reclaimed metals such as copper and steel rods into some of my works.

My love for all things mythical and medieval is a constant source of inspiration for my work. Growing up near castles in my home country combined with my deep interest in history and legends gives me an infinite pool to draw from.

Knights of the realm, the age of chivalry, the magic of dragons, I try to capture the spirit of this in my work.

I love to step outside my everyday life and loose myself in the creative process of these pieces. I try to push the boundaries of my abilities with each new sculpture, with each piece I learn more. The phrase “the devil is in the detail” is something that I can relate well to. I often find myself revisiting an area on a sculpture during the making process to add something extra.

For me every sculpture is a journey and I hope to be able to share a small part of that with you.

Wayne Dalton